Luxor Hotel Cucuta

Cucuta is a bustling city that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Since the city signed into the Free Trade Agreements with the United States the economy and the population of the town has been growing exponentially and even the hot property in the US such as Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate for sale, do not quite measure up. The population according to the 2005-2020 census stood at a whopping 850,000 people making it the sixth largest city by size in the whole of Colombia.

Colombia as a country has been doing very well and attracted some tourists. In the late 20th century the country was experiencing turmoil but after the turn of the new century with a new government, the country has been doing well due to the new administration that has been relentless in securing the country.

The influx of tourists in the country can be attributed mainly to the climate and the culture of Colombia. First Colombia like many other South American countries experiences sun shield for much of the year with little cold seasons. The country also has a very long coastline that hosts millions of tourists from around the world.

Cucuta hosts thousands of tourists annually most of who come from neighboring countries and the United States. As a city that is growing real estate and the hospitality industry in the city is a big industry. There are several hotels in the city offering lodging, dining, and other services. One of the hotels that stand out from the rest is Luxor Hotel Cucuta.

Located in the City center, the hotel offers the very best hospitality services that you can get in the whole city. There is a restaurant that offers cuisines not only native to Colombia but also those exotic coming from all over the world. They are prepared by top-notch chefs who will ensure that your food is well prepared and served.

When it comes to lodging, the hotel has rooms suitable for everyone’s needs. There are rooms for couples, singles and even for the whole family. The rooms also come pre-installed with free internet so you will be able to surf the internet for free. Room service and laundry service will also be there to meet your every need. If you are looking to visit Cucuta soon, be sure to book a room in Luxor Hotel Cucuta.