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002If you have decided to visit Cucuta, Colombia you have made the right choice. It is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have and at Luxor Hotel Cucuta we will be there to ensure that you receive the very best lodging and dining services while in the city. We put a particular emphasis on comfort and always seek to make sure that our customers get the feeling that they are in a luxury hotel. If you want to book got to luxorhotelcucuta.com

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Real Estate

Real estate has for very long remained to be one of the most attractive portfolios there is. Ever since man was able to build for himself structures real estate as an investment has been in existence. What makes it so interesting is the fact that there is mostly always demand real estate since people always need a place to stay or shelter them, also, real estate is relatively rewarding compared to other forms of investments.

However if you have never invested in real estate and are looking to do so or if you have but are relatively new to the scene there are a few factors to consider before investing in any piece of property in the market. Every investment no matter how attractive always has its risks and as an investor, you want to make sure that you have seriously considered all the risks about a particular portfolio before investing in it.

For real estate the first factor to always consider is location. The location of the piece of property determines its attractiveness to possible tenants or renters. The place has to be close to amenities like schools, hospitals, parks entertainment centers and so on. The neighborhood also has to be secure; it is recommended that you do some research on crime rates in the area and even visit the police to get a comprehensive report. These factors coupled with proximity to markets, tax-exempt areas, transportation determine the valuation of the property.

While looking at all of these, it is also important to check how the locality is going to evolve shortly. The neighborhood might be very peaceful and noise free at the moment, but the entry of new industries like steel manufacturing plants may cause the place to be noisy and undesirable. It is recommended that you do some research on the ownership of the properties in the neighborhood and the intended use shortly.

Valuation of assets in a real estate can be a tricky affair. As an in investor you want to ensure that the property you are interested in is properly valued. The process can be very challenging, and it is recommended that you get a professional to assess the property properly and give you an accurate figure. Make sure that he/she uses the correct standards and that all factors were considered.

You should also have a clear purpose towards your investment. Real estate’s greatest advantage is its low liquidity, however when an investor is not clear on the purpose of his high investment liquidity might play to your disadvantage. Before making an investment, you should first conduct thorough research on the various real estate investment options and ensure that you have understood each of them. It is only then that you can make an informed decision about real estate with the help of a qualified professional.

As an investor, your main goal is to make a profit from your investment. Many people with a view of making a profit at the end tend to overstretch their resources when investing. Financing of the investment should be done carefully to ensure that at the end of it all you are not financially distressed. You should always keep in mind that real estate is a long-term investment and that the cash flow might not be as fast as you may want it to be. Ensure that you have a sound plan to finance your investment, one that will not leave you cash strapped.